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Welcome to StreamSafely Summer Camp!

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial to provide a secure and safe environment for children and young adults to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies. We provide families with the resources they need to enjoy all of the online content available today without compromising personal data or risking potential threats like piracy.

We offer guidance to help families understand the risks of unsafe video streaming and how to protect themselves from inappropriate content and malware. Check out our tips and ideas for keeping your kids safe online this summer!

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What is Malware?

‘Malware’ is a combination of two words – malicious and software. Learn to Avoid these types of malware.

Pirated Content? Don’t Do It, It's No Bargain

There’s a difference between getting quality at a discount and paying “less” for stolen goods.

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About Our Mission

StreamSafely provides safe resources and information about the risks involved with accessing television/streaming entertainment and film through illegal, pirate services and unauthorized password sharing.

The facts and recommendations are designed to keep consumers safe while also protecting the intellectual property and livelihoods of all who produce and distribute the content we enjoy, including movies, TV and streaming shows, sports, and special events. StreamSafely is overseen by the non-profit organization CTAM on behalf of its members working in media, entertainment, and technology.

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